Media & Research Enquiries

Media requests:

PLEASE CONTACT Amber Wilson ( | mob: 07940 414141


  • Basis is a small charity whose main priority is our work with our service users
  • We are only able to respond on a limited basis to requests for information from press or documentary makers
  • For any views on the Managed Approach please check our News page for any statements
  • Please refer to the “Managed Approach” and not the “Red Light Area” (the latter implies indoor working behind windows)
  • If you decide to film or interview women or others or take pictures in the Managed Approach, please inform the police and Basis Sex Work with sufficient notice so the women who would prefer not to be involved can ensure they are not out and so we can respond to any questions or concern in this regard
  • Please ensure you treat everyone in the area, particularly the women but also staff of organisations working in the area with the utmost respect, in particular with regards to any requests to remain anonymous and consider your duty of care towards the people you are filming/interviewing/otherwise working with
  • Please ensure that the risks to film or interview as recognisable on camera (with or without name)  are explained in great detail prior to requesting consent  – we advise to pixelate any images of faces and using a voice over as a precaution; footage online can have lifelong consequences for women, which sometimes only becomes clear after the fact
  • When responding to requests to remain anonymous, please be aware that service users can be recognised not just by their faces or voices, but also by their feet, hands or hair
  • Please be aware that service users that are under the influence of alcohol or other substances may give their consent at the time, but may regret this later on/the next day and may only be consented due to money being offered: please ensure you have informed consent and that this consent clearly sets out in detail what is eventually covered in the piece.
  • If you decide to do interviews (film or written press) in the area, please be aware of the disruption the press has caused in recent months – for many women this has not been a positive experience; it can also be disruptive for the community
  • We only agree to film footage with sex workers on a highly exceptional basis. We are unlikely to agree to this in the near future as we are conscious of the disruption this causes and the potential consequences this might have for our relationship with the women
  • Please note that we are highly unlikely to accommodate any requests to speak to our younger service users (Basis Young People) or those involving any of our work concerning Historic CSE

Short Key Facts about the Managed Approach: 

  • The MA was introduced as a pilot in Nov 2014 following complaints by residents and businesses and approved to continue in Nov. 2015; previous strategies including arresting sexworkers and/or their clients had appeared to be ineffective  (for further info on historic information on sexwork in Leeds please click here)
  • The number of women willing to a report a crime against them with personal details to the police, thus facilitating potential prosecution has gone from 7% prior to the MA to over 50% in the past 2 years
  • In a recent survey (2018):
    • 79% out of 24 women surveyed said they would report a crime to the police if it happened in the MA (54% outside) – an indication of increased trust in the police, with a greater likelihood criminals being prosecuted
    • 71% of the women replied “yes” to the question if the MA works and a further 12.5% replied “yes and no”


Please note that our capacity to respond to research requests regarding our Sex Work Project is severely restricted as we are involved in a number of research projects already that were selected based on existing relationships, specialist knowledge of the work and potential impact of the work on the wider agenda. For guidance on research and ethical practice in relation to research and Sex Work Projects see info on the UKNWSP.

Research requests on the Managed Approach:

If you are requesting specific info on the Managed Approach, please note that we will NOT facilitate any requests to speak to service users. As part of your initial request, please share with us the following:

– the background to your request (reason for your interest, what course is your research part of)

– what literature you have included (or intend to) in your review

– who else you will be speaking to (other planned and secured interview requests)

Please also consider a monetary contribution to the charity in consideration of the time taken to accommodate any such research requests.

Amber Wilson ( | mob: 07940 414141