Comic Relief: making a difference with Basis Yorkshire

Its Comic Relief week! I know that so many people will be supporting Comic Relief today and I wanted to  gicomic_relief_logove you an example of the difference your work is making. Comic Relief’s funding allows us to offer specialist support to sexworkers who have experienceed sexual or domestic violence. Sex workers face a particular challenge when reporting crimes due to the stigma faced by sex workers, and the prejudice that sex workers still face with support services and in court when reporting crimes of a sexual nature committed against them, with their sex work often held against them, even when they have suffered  the most horrific crimes.

DSC_0341My role is to support women through the whole criminal justice system, if they choose to go to the police, as well as supporting women who have been the victims of sexual or domestic abuse who don’t want to make a formal complaint. To have a specialist service that understands issues like the above, where conversations about work are not awkward and someone to help them navigate the system makes a real difference to the women.

Working 1 to 1 with the women has been really rewarding as I have supported women through the court process and been the link to the police, as well as other supporting agencies, including accessing mental and physical health appointments, looking for volunteering opportunities and diversionary activities to help them combat social isolation. I also visit local hostels to raise awareness of our services. From the feedback we know that without Basis Sex Work’s involvement, some of these women would have not had accessed the support they need and have a right to. Also, its often just a real support to be believed and have someone to talk to that understands: I’m thankful to you for everything, a big long weight off my shoulders feeling loads better thanks. ” 

This post has allowed me to further develop our relationship with the Crown Prosecution Office and something I’m proud to be working on. Particularly special was having the Chief Prosecutor in to speak to our women at our Xmas do as part of our #17daysofaction to End Violence Against Sex Workers. They talked to them about what consent is, and when and how it can and can’t be given.  They spoke to the women about how they would want to prosecute any attacks on them as they would do any women, the fact that they are sex workers does not mean that they will be seen as any different.  West Yorkshire CPS have a good track record in this we are pleased to say.


Sometimes it’s been difficult to get women to engage with the  1 to 1 support about DV or SV issues as the women often have so many complex issues in their life ,sexual abuse and violence only being one of them and in some cases sexual abuse or  other forms of violence has been normalised, particularly with street sexworkers. Through our work we have already achieved a lot in increasing the number of seworkers willing to trust in the criminal justice process but domestic violence is still more often than not normalized and much more challenging for them to address. But I’m also proud to work for an organisation that allows me to have a flexible approach to supporting women through difficult times and working with them on their priority needs, helping me build strong working relationships. Thank you to everyone that has and will be supporting Comic Relief today!