Our Voices: The Book Launch

After months of hard-work from an expansive team of people led by Charlotte Carter, we are pleased to announce a new booklet, funded by the Rosa Fund – a charitable fund set up to support initiatives that benefit women and girls in the UK – has been
17522295_10213309653199191_226021862_o completed. ‘Our Voices: Perspectives that Challenge the Stigma and Stereotypes about Sex-Work’ contains the stories and perspectives of 13 sex workers from across the spectrum of the sex work industry. Collectively, these stories and perspectives aim to diversify and clarify the need for a nuanced understanding of sex work and the members that constitute it. They acknowledge and challenge the misrepresentation, stigma and stereotypes prevalent around sex work.(1)
In addition to this, we have developed our own take on the iconic tart cards as once adorned in London’s phone boxes. We have created around 25 of these, which are symbolic of the imagery of the cards, yet their respective content challenges this norm with quotes from the women that Basis Sex Work Project works with.

We are so grateful to the women who have contributed. Their words are a privilege to read. They are also an invaluable contribution to the ongoing commitment to promoting sex worker rights.

The public launch will be on 20th April, 5 – 9.30pm, at the Brunswick. There will also be an exhibition of the tart cards within the book that will last until the 25th.