Volunteers Week 2016 – what do the volunteers think?

This Volunteers “Week” 2016 we’re sharing the blog with our wonderful volunteers, starting off with one of our Outreach Volunteers – keep an eye out for more during the week!
Working at Basis and volunteering with the Basis Sex Work Project has been an eye-opening experience and a learning curve. Before discovering the charity and the incredible work they do, I knew very little about Holbeck, sex work in Leeds, and the difficult lives some women face – very different from my own, and easy to put down to “bad decisions”. However, as I worked in the office, I began to discover the type of support that Basis offer, the hard work and commitment that goes into it, and to understand the women who count on Basis, their individual situations, the diversity among the women Basis works with and and the difference that even a small amount of solidarity can make. 
Helping with outreach in Holbeck – offering hot drinks, food and friendly conversation – is my small way of making an active contribution to Basis’ incredible work. It is one thing to talk about an important cause, it is quite another to go out and meet the people you want to support. I would encourage everyone in Leeds to get to know their city, and to volunteer with Basis Yorkshire. 
Outreach Volunteer  May 2016