Support during COVID

Updated Nov. 2021

We keep this page updated with the latest information on Covid-19 and what you need to know about our services and how we can help you.

Keeping safe at Basis: 

If you have any Covid related systems we ask that you let your support worker know before a visit or before you come to the office.

We ask that when you enter the Basis building, you wear a mask when walking around and use the sanitation provided and maintain social distancing where possible.

How Basis can help you:

Speak to your support worker about getting a vaccine, there are drop-in vaccinations and pop-up clinics that your support worker will be able to give you information on if you wish to be vaccinated.

We have masks available at the office which you can collect during drop-in, we also have exemption cards if you are exempt and wish to carry a card around to show.

Basis can support you with any PPE needs you might have (masks, thermometer, hand sanitizer)

Please also ask about accessing Lateral Flow Tests (we have some in the office) but they can also be picked up from community hubs around the city.

If you are isolating:

Please ring Basis for any emergency support if you are isolating.

Or see: for further support from Leeds City Council.

Common questions and worries about Covid-19 vaccinations 

We know there’s a lot of information out there about Covid-19 and vaccinations and some of it can be quite scary, we’ve spent time researching and collecting information so that you can be as informed as possible when making decisions about getting vaccinated.

Myth 1: “I’ve heard this myth that Covid vaccinations are unsafe because they have been fast-tracked into production”

Truth: The truth is that safe Covid vaccines have been produced because of the global effort among experts.

Myth 2: “I’ve heard that I will be forced to have the vaccine”

Truth: You will not be forced to take the vaccine; it is a choice. But if you choose to take the vaccine you will be protecting both yourself and the vulnerable.

Myth 3: “Someone told me that if you’ve already had Covid-19 and recovered, there’s no point getting vaccinated”

Truth: The truth is people who have gotten sick with Covid-19 may still benefit from getting vaccinated, and it can help stop you getting ill from Covid again.

Myth 4: “I’ve heard that the vaccine will contain a microchip that will track me for the rest of my life”

Truth: The truth is that the vaccine will cause and immune response, there is no microchip.

Myth 5: “I’ve heard that vaccine will give me really bad side effects an make me really unwell”

Truth: Like all medicines, vaccines can cause side effects. Most of these are mild and short term, and not everyone gets them. Symptoms following vaccination normally last less than a week.

Myth 6: “I have heard that I can get Covid-19 from having the vaccine”

Truth: You cannot catch Coivd-19 from the vaccine but it is possible to have caught Covid-19 and not realise you have the symptoms until after your vaccination appointment.

Myth 7: “I’ve heard that it isn’t very important to get your vaccine”

Truth: Some people may still get Covid-19 despite having a vaccination, but this should be less severe. The Covid-19 vaccine should help reduce the rates of serious illness and save lives and will therefore reduce pressure on the NHS and social care services.

Myth 8: “I’ve heard that after having the vaccine I will be carrying the virus and spread it to other people”

Truth: The vaccine cannot give you a Covid-19 infection, and two doses will reduce your chance of becoming seriously ill. If you are vaccinated you may still be able to pass on the Covid-19 virus if you catch it so it is important to follow the guidance in your local area to protect those around you.

Services are re-opening: 

We are pleased to say that services that were closed during Covid are gradually re-opening including:

Outreach: Mon – Wed – Fri in Holbeck (currently driving around – not stopping)

Drop in: Mon – Wed (as of Mon 2nd August) 1-4 pm

We are still offering food parcels for emergencies (or food back referrals), phones and data where available and needed.

Sexual Health:

We also have a sexual health mobile number that you can text or ring with any questions – 07710 304306 (this is usually checked once a day during the week) or to arrange a booking for testing or treatment. We will either support your directly or arrange for you to see the specialist sexual health nurse (Jane) at Basis (or an initial phone conversation). From Aug. 18th ,sexual health will have their drop in on Wednesday.

If you can’t reach Basis, please speak directly to the Leeds Sexual Health Team. To speak with a professional about sexual health concerns or to get reassurance, call their advice line on 0113 392 0334. If you need to see a nurse or Doctor because you are experiencing symptoms then call their appointment line on 0113 392 0333. They will assess you over phone & if appropriate bring you into clinic for treatment/meds. All walk-in clinic services at Leeds Sexual Health remain suspended.  Please do not attend clinic unless told to.

We still offer free condoms to collect from the Basis office. The office will be open from 12-3pm every day offering standard mixed packs of condoms and other sexual health equipment. You do not need an appointment to collect them, as long as you come between 12-3pm. Please ring the office for more information on 0113 243 0036.

Sexual Health Pharmacies (please see here for a list) may have reduced opening hours and may only be able to offer emergency contraception at set times. For more information, please visit Leeds Sexual Health website here.

Info for Migrants:

Please speak to your support worker to see how they can help further with issues around migration or call our office on 0113 243 0036. We will do our best to offer support and direct you to services that can help.

Travel restrictions are also constantly updating and international travel is only allowed in cases of work, education or other legally permitted restrictions. If you are planning to travel or have relatives who are travelling to the UK, we encourage you to look at the government’s latest travel advice and get in touch with your support worker if you need support on this.

For specific COVID 19 health advice please follow below link:

Government website

COVID 19 Health advice in different languages

Staying in touch with Basis:

At the moment, please use your regular (mobile) phone contact and/or the office (0113 – 243 0036) from Monday to Friday between 9-4pm. You can also get in touch via Facebook (@BasisYorkshire1) and Twitter (@BasisYorkshire )  For adults, we will also have NetReach (Live Chat service via our website) open most weekday afternoons from 1-4 pm. To access, look for the ‘Chat Live with Us’ window at the bottom of the screen on our webpage. Please check our social media feeds for updates.