Exploring the Practical Challenges of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Level 3 Advanced Training

What does our Level 3 CSE Practical Challenges Training cover?

Our most popular course over the last 2 years! This course was developed to share their experience, tools and techniques developed over years of working with victims of Child Sexual Exploitation and covers the more specialist areas of Child Sexual Exploitation and focuses particularly on improving skills of practitioners actually working with young people at risk of Sexual Exploitation, addressing the practical challenges practitioners face.

Topics covered include an in-depth understanding of risk assessment, understanding resistance, working with hard to reach groups including: BME and young people with learning disabilities, understanding the “perpetrator” and offers plenty of practice in skills and techniques to improve engagement with young people. This highly participatory workshop encourages professionals to bring along a case study so, as a room of experts we can work through cases together and have discussions about the challenges practitioners face in a safe space.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is specifically aimed at professionals that are currently working with young people at risk of CSE or experiencing CSE and wish to build on their clear understanding of Child Sexual Exploitaiton by further developing their practice by discussing how to address specific practical challenges when working with young people at risk of CSE. Professionals attending this course should have attended a Level 2 or have equivalent (significant) practical experience.

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