Supporting Children and Vulnerable Adults with experience of CSE through the criminal justice system

Level 3 Advanced Training

What does this Level 3 CSE training course cover?

This course shares the experiences of this to date and what lessons can be learned from these experiences to get it right for children and vulnerable adults. Our specialist trainer, with frontline experience of supporting victims through such processes has designed a high quality course to inform those attending of common poor experiences that young people have, how to avoid them, and how to minimise what can be a traumatic experience for many young people. It will look at the roles of individual services, and best practice within a multi agency framework including the current pilot of the Barnahus model. This course is now also CPD certified.

Who is this course aimed at?

Its aimed at professionals who have attended a range of training courses and have a clear understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation and may be supporting a child or vulnerable person that is or has been a recent or more historic victim of CSE through the criminal justice system now or in the near future. This can include social workers, residential care staff, the police, teachers and frontline from children’s charities working with those who have experienced CSE.

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