Trauma, Attachment and Child Sexual Exploitation

Level 3 Advanced Training

What does this Level 3 CSE training course cover?

Our highly popular CPD accredited training course explores Trauma and Attachment and how it relates to CSE. The course will offer a comprehensive overview on how trauma and/or insecure attachments will manifest relating to CSE victims (those vulnerable to and those actually exploited), whether the trauma took place in early childhood or has been caused by recent or ongoing sexual exploitation. The course also addresses the impact of Vicarious Trauma for professionals. The course will draw upon our trainer’s extensive, relevant frontline experience of supporting young people affected by CSE and her work as a counsellor.

Who is this course aimed at?

Its aimed at professionals who have attended a range of training courses and have a clear understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation and wish to build on this with understanding the impact of Trauma and Attachment on how a young person responds to exploitation and interventions. This can include social workers, residential care staff, the police, teachers and frontline from children’s charities working with those who have experienced CSE.

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