Improved housing for adult survivors of sexual exploitation

Basis Yorkshire are 1 of 5 partners in the STAGE Project which brings together Changing Lives, GROW, A Way Out, Together Women, Basis Yorkshire and Women Centre to provide trauma-informed  support for women who have been groomed for sexual exploitation.

The exploitation of women and girls who are targeted, who often have existing vulnerabilities, such as poverty, homelessness, poor mental health and past experiences of trauma, causes significant harm in our communities.

Since the STAGE Project began in July 2019, 95 women have been referred to the STAGE Project across 8 towns and cities where we operate. This demonstrates the issue is pervasive and systemic across all of the places where we operate. We see cases continue to emerge, yet find that services are not engaging with the issue. It is hugely saddening that as services, we have been supporting women for so many years and yet women and girls continue to be sexually exploited.

The attached briefing raises awareness of the challenges faced by women who are adult survivors of sexual exploitation in accessing housing, and makes recommendations to improve housing support as part of a wider aspiration to create a new National Framework for Adult Survivors of Sexual Exploitation.

For more info about how we support adult survivors of sexual exploitation:  Basis STAGE project 

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