Improving health outcomes for people from marginalised communities – job vacancies available now via MESMAC

Healthy Communities Together is a group of organisations who work with asylum seekers (Leeds Asylum Seeker Support Network), Gypsies and Travellers (Leeds GATE), sex workers (Basis Yorkshire), and Trans people (Yorkshire MESMAC), Leeds City Council and health (Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group) who also have a responsibility to all of these groups.  

We know that sex workers, Trans+ people, Gypsies & Travellers & asylum seekers have far worse health than other people. They are marginalised groups. There are many reasons for this – one being that health and other services doesn’t work for them. For example, many Gypsies and Travellers cannot read, so information about services needs to be given to them in other ways such as speaking to them.  People from these groups are sometimes treated differently (or are afraid they will be) based on being part of a marginalised group or their situation isn’t understood.

All people (whether in paid and unpaid roles) will be involved: from chief executives to nurses, sex workers to GPs, alcohol workers to volunteers, for example. They will come together to look a persistent issues, to understand why things are the way they are and what could be done to bring about change that will make a direct impact on people’s lives.   

We believe that when anyone, in Leeds, is developing & designing services; the needs of marginalised communities are considered first. 

This is a three-year project. Gypsies, Travellers, sex workers, asylum seekers and Trans people will be trained and employed as part of the project. We also have a number of opportunities to be involved as paid employees from the start which we hope will include members from the communities the program is working with.

The following posts are now available to apply for (MESMAC will be the employer):

 System Change Worker

Communications Worker

Project Support Worker

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