As a charity that supports women who sex work and women and young people who are sexually exploited, we know:

  • how hard it is to ask for help: ITSNOTOK to be afraid you won’t be believed.
  • that people who experience racism and people from LGBTQ+ communities may find it even harder to ask for help
  • how hard it is to when your behaviour or “choices” are seen as the reason why you were a victim of sexual violence : ITSNOTOK to make you feel guilty and to be blamed
  • that seeking justice can be just as traumatizing: ITSNOTOK for this to be such a long process with difficult intrusive questioning
  • that going through this without support is even harder: ITSNOTOK for people not to know that there is a specialist, non – judgmental support service like Basis who can help

“If I didn’t have Basis I probably wouldn’t know where to access support.”

Basis have specialist staff including:

  •  Specialist child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSE/A) support worker
  •  Specialist CSE/A support worker for LGBTQ+ community members
  •  Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA) for women sex workers and women who are sexually exploited

If you need help please call us on : 0113 – 243 0036 or 07710 304 306

You can support our services by a one off or regular donation on JustGiving

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