New Historic CSE Post

Basis Historic CSE project is up and running.  The project is a 1 year pilot to support any woman (18 years or older) living Leeds who experienced CSE a child.  The project will offer tailored support to women based on their need, and we have a fast track referral service to Together Women’s Counselling.

Our vision is to empower women who access the service to have their voices heard and enable them to access a range of support based on individual needs and wishes.

We will do this by offering:

  • Referral and advocacy to access a range of services based on service user need and wishes
  • Fast track referrals to confidential women’s counselling service
  • Information about options for reporting to the police and provide support to report, if they chose to do so.
  • A safe space and opportunities for women to tell their stories
  • Advocating for women who want to review previous responses to their exploitation
  • Emotional support