Police Prostitution Liaison Officer, Leeds, West Yorkshire Police

Police Prostitution Liaison Officer, Leeds, West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police, as part of the Leeds Prostitution Strategy, have introduced the role of Police Prostitution Liaison Officer as part of efforts to increase the reporting of crimes committed against sex worker and improve the safety of sex workers.  In other cities where this role has been in place  it has played a vital role in improving communication between sex workers, sex work projects and the police and improving trust and confidence in the police amongst sex workers.

Detective Constable Joanne Kemp took on this role from the end of April and is now active in improving links between the police and projects such as Genesis who support sex workers.

Jo has been a Police officer for almost 12 years; all of this time has been spent working within the South Leeds area of the City. Joanne has been a Detective for the past 9 years working out of Holbeck CID. Joanne is also specially trained to deal with rapes and sexual assaults. During her time in CID, Jo  dealt with a number of offences upon sex workers including serious assaults, sexual offences and robberies.  Jo is really passionate about trying to improve the relationship between the Police and sex workers in Leeds and is happy to speak with any sex worker wanting to report crime or even just wanting some advice..

An important part of Jo’s role is acting as a first point of contact for sex workers who have been victims of crime, also she will spend time building relationships and trust and encourage sex workers to experience any crime, harassment or abuse they face.   She will play a key role in coordinating the ugly mugs intelligence and reports that are passed to the police. She will liaise closely with Genesis Leeds  who coordinate the ugly mugs scheme in Leeds which is part of the national ugly mugs scheme. Her role is designed to support sex workers in all sectors,  street and indoor, and is for all sex workers,  male, female or transgender.

Joanne can be contacted in the following ways;



If sex workers want Genesis  to contact Jo on their behalf initially we are happy to  do that; Contact Emily Turner sex work Outreach and Support worker on: 0771030440 or the Genesis Office.