Van Fundraiser – thank you!

We are incredibly grateful and humbled by the support from everyone on this fundraiser,  first and foremost of course Grace who started this initiative.  We have been overwhelmed by all your generosity, big and small and your words of support for Grace as well as our work. Her work will not only ensure we have a reliable van with services that women need on outreach with all the advantages that come with that; she has also made so many more people aware of the needs of sexworkers and the stigma they face based on misunderstanding or worse, judgement or morals;  even sometimes at great personal cost including abuse and threats online.

Words cannot express our gratitude and there are too many people to thank individually (though we do owe a special mention of thanks to Dr. Kate Lister) . We hope therefore that our continued services with the van over the next few years and how we are able to support women will be the best evidence of how your support has made a difference. We look forward to showing you pictures of what we have purchased soon as well as the feedback from the women.


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