International Sex Worker Rights Day 2022

Today is International Sex Worker Rights Day 2022. Today we stand alongside sex worker-led organisations and sex worker allies to raise awareness around the oppression sex workers face across the globe, and campaign for the right of sex workers to work safely free from abuse, violence and criminalisation.

To mark the we wanted to share some quotes from our ‘Our Voices‘ book, which tells the stories of 13 sex workers from across the industry.

These quotes reminds us to look beyond the stigma and stereotypes and stigmatisation to see the real women and their experiences.

“I was in an abusive relationship for 11 years but I got out and now I’m sex working to fund a new business”


Survivor, determined, mum.

“At the end of the day I’m not putting anyone at risk and if it’s between consenting adults then I think it’s ok”


Party girl, independent, empowered, intelligent.

“I have a different understand of sex compared to a lot of people. Sex is a physical thing. I’m not falling in love with them. What I sell is my time.”

“I left school at thirteen with nothing… Now, I’m going to university to do a degree in psychology”

Sister, photographer, music-lover.

“I wish they’d stop criminalising so much and start letting people work together. Because it would be ten times safer.”


Mum of 3, positive, gentle.

“When I look to the future, I see myself sitting where you are now. 100% clean from drugs, going on outreach, helping people, and using my experiences to help other women”


These quotes demonstrate the diversity of the sex industry, and highlight the unique lives that all those who sex work live. Sex worker rights are human rights. So on International Sex Worker Rights Day, as on every day we will stand and work in solidarity with efforts to make sure all sex workers have equal access to labour rights, income support, health services, housing and safety we all need to make our lives liveable. 

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