This page is for our referrals. If you know of anyone that would benefit from our services, our referral forms are outlined below.

Please feel free to tell anyone that you think might benefit from our services about what we do and how they can access our services. If you wish to refer someone specifically, this can only be done with their explicit consent. Once completed, please email the referral form to the relevant group – the emails of which will be found at the top of each section.

Adult Women (Sex Work and/or Sexually Exploited):

If you are a professional completing this form on behalf of someone else, you need to get permission for the referral to be made. Once completed, please email to:

Basis Yorkshire Adult Referral Form (Word Doc)

Basis Yorkshire Adult Referral form PDF   How to Edit Our PDF Referral Form

or contact us if you need any assistance.

Our drop in services are running currently on Monday 1-4 at our office, the address of which can be seen on a map here. It is open to all women – and those who identify as women – who have sex worked previously, are sex working currently, or are considering sex working in the future. Our referral forms will be available in person during our drop in sessions.

STAGE Project (16+):

The STAGE Project offers women (16 and over) support to address and overcome experiences of sexual exploitation. This service is open to non-sex working women. 

A STAGE referral can be made by using either the YP or Adult referral form and contact email address.

Young People:

You need to get the young person’s permission for the referral to be made.

Our referral form is simple and can be found below. Once you have filled it in with as much information as possible, send it to (or get in touch for secure email contact details).

Young Peoples Referral Form WordDoc

Young People Referral Form PDF      How to Edit our Referral Form as a PDF

You should read the Child Exploitation Practice Guidance before completion of the referral form, or you can ring us on 0113 243 0036 to discuss. If you are a social worker and you have already completed a Child Exploitation Risk Identification Tool, you can send this to instead of completing our referral form.

For a referral into our Hull service please email above referral form to

As our service is voluntary – it is up to the young person to decide whether they want to access our services.

COVID-19 Information:

If you have any COVID-19 related systems we ask that you let your support worker know before a visit or before you come to the office.

We ask that when you enter the Basis building, you wear a mask when walking around and use the sanitation provided and maintain social distancing where possible.

At the moment, please use your regular (mobile) phone contact and/or the office (0113 – 243 0036) from Monday to Friday between 9-4pm. You can also get in touch via Facebook (@BasisYorkshire1) and Twitter (@BasisYorkshire )  For adults, we will also have NetReach (Live Chat service via our website) open most weekday afternoons from 1-4 pm. To access, look for the ‘Chat Live with Us’ window at the bottom of the screen on our webpage. Please check our social media feeds for updates.