Sick Party – over 800 copies sold nationally

A frank and hard-hitting drama depicting the current picture of child sexual exploitation across the UK. Based on a real-life story, it explores the experiences of child sexual exploitation (CSE) including peer on peer grooming, party lifestyle grooming, drinks and drugs, consent, coercion, gifts, self-esteem and child sexual exploitation.



How much does the DVD and Resource Booklet cost?

£60, including postage & packaging. All money raised is reinvested into our intensive service delivery, supporting victims of CSE.

What age group should the DVD be used with?

All professionals and young people aged 11+.

Can the DVD be used with parents/other members of the community?

This is at the professional’s discretion. We recommend warning people that they may find the DVD upsetting.

How quickly will it arrive?

Usually within 10 working days. If you need it sooner, please get in contact.

Can I copy the DVD?

No. This is against the law.