Indoor & Online Sex Workers

Basis Sex Work Project is a sex work support project for cis, trans and non-binary women working in the sex industry who live or work in Leeds

We provide non-judgmental, free and confidential  info & support for  workers in all sectors of the sex industry and adult entertainment industry including independent and agency escorts (whether you work from flats/apartments/hotels), sauna workers, pro doms, webcammers and others providing adult services.

What supplies can I access through Basis?

We offer free sexual heath supplies including a range of EXS and Pasante condoms (in packs of 30), lubricant, dams, gloves, and sponges. We can also supply a range of condoms to purchase as bulk packs (144 condoms). Download our condom pricelist here. You can pick condoms up from the Basis office, or arrange for them to be delivered to your home or place of work.

What tests & services can I access through Basis?

  • 3 site testing swabs (mouth, vagina and rectum) – these test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Trichomonas Vaginalis (TV)
  • A vaginal swab to test for BV if you have symptoms
  • Blood test that screens for for HIV, syphilis, Hep B & C
  • Hep B Vaccinations and MMR vaccinations for certain groups
  • Contraception including pills, implants (put in and taken out/replaced), injections, patches and coil advice
  • Some treatment can be given on outreach including chlamydia, TV, BV, and Herpes and other treatments can be arranged
  • A range of other sexual health advice

How can I access screening, contraception & treatment?

Outreach Visits

We can come to your home/place of work or other convenient place. No waiting in queues and seeing different staff. It will always be the same Basis worker & the same nurse from Leeds Sexual Health, and we understand the need for discretion and confidentiality. This option will also allow you to get free supplies, including condoms, lube and sponges, and newsletters with up-to-date info and Ugly Mugs alerts. Full screening options are available on an outreach visit. These are usually on a Wednesday. All you need to do is get in touch with Emily on 07710304306 to arrange a visit. You can also get just your swabs done with Emily on other days of the week.


On alternative Mondays & Wednesdays we have a drop-in clinic at Basis, 94 North Street, 1-4pm. At the Wednesday clinic smear testing is available by the nurse Vicky. You can also get all screening, contraception and some treatments at drop-in.

Easy access to Leeds Sexual Health Clinic

Dedicated Appointments: There are 2 dedicated appointment slots for sex workers at Leeds Sexual Health every day at 1:30pm and 2:30pm, so you can book into the clinic more easily. Call Emily at Basis to book.

Red Umbrella Card: The red umbrella card can be shown at Leeds Sexual Health reception (or you can just say ‘red umbrella’). This identifies you as a sex worker discreetly at reception, meaning no tricky questions, and you will be fast tracked. Please note that fast track means you will be put next on the list to be seen, but may still have to wait up to 1 hour. You can get a red umbrella card from Emily at Basis or download this from the Leeds Sexual Health website.The sexual health clinic is located in the Merrion Centre – more information about opening times is on the website. 


 For any questions regarding sexual health, to make an appointment, to get a red umbrella card or find out Drop In times please call or text Emily on 07710304306.

  • The law and your rights
  • Personal safety, Ugly Mugs & reporting to the police
  • Health and Wellbeing Support
  • Sex worker forums, community voice and other initiatives
  • Advice and support (welfare, benefits & housing)
  • Specialist services for migrant sex workers
  • Support if you are, or have, experienced sexual assault, rape, and domestic abuse: Basis have a Specialist  Independent Sexual & Domestic Violence Advisor (ISVA/IDVA) for sex workers, her name is  Taylor. This worker can help you understand you’re rights and options, provide emotional support, practical support with helping you access services appropriate to your needs and can link in with the police – if you choose to report. She will of course still support you if if you don’t choose to report. We recognise women who access our service are a diverse group with different experiences and for those who experience violence this has different impacts and people deal with this in different ways. We are committed to supporting people on the basis of their  individual needs and wishes. Contact Taylor by text, What’sApp or calling 07495516926  or email:

Getting in touch

There are a number of ways that you can get in touch with us for support.

  • Call, text, WhatsApp or email our Sex Work Outreach Worker (Emily): 07710 304 306
  • Call the office: on 0113 243 0036 (10am-4pm Monday to Thursday)

Netreach, Drop in & Live Chat

  • For over 3 years Basis has been carrying out netreach to let women who advertise and/or work online know about our services  should they ever wish to access them. We have profiles on some of the main online advertising platforms and sometimes for research purposes to help with service development will  message people. We have a thread on SAAFE forum which we update regularly.
  • Of course you’re welcome to contact us and arrange to drop in at a time that suits you if you want to pick up condom supplies or chat with a worker.
  • You can cat with us confidentially online via our live chat 1.30-5.30 Tuesdays just click on the ‘Chat with us icon’ on the bottom left hand corner of this web page. You can leave a message there when we are not live and we’ll get back to you.
  • New monthly indoor sex worker evening meet-ups. This meet-up is for indoor based sex workers, cam girls, independent escorts, agency girls, and women working in the adult film industry on an evening, the first week of the month. This will be a sex worker led group, intending to be a safe space where conversations can be had, questions asked, peer links and friendships made, and peer support offered. This group is also an opportunity to share your best safety and privacy tips , support each other, swap stories in a safe non-judgmental space, and meet like-minded folk.If you are a new worker, or you’ve been doing it a while and feel you can help others, please consider coming. This is a sex worker led group. Your space, your group. Emily will just be opening up & providing the cake! Contact her for more details.

We have been providing confidential info and support services to women working in the sex industry in Leeds for over twenty years and are very much committed to providing rights based, person centered info and services.   We respect the diversity of people working in the sex industry and the sex industry itself.  We are aware that some people choose to access services others do not, but we are always here if you need us. Basis is committed to sex worker involvement in service development and delivery so if you want to get involved and help us by volunteering or supporting ongoing sex worker community initiatives please do get in touch.