New Futures – moving forward

Basis Sex Work Project believes that all sex working women should have the freedom to make their own choices

The New Futures project provides intensive support women who are sex working or have sex worked in the past that are seeking to make positive changes to their lives.

These changes could include:

  • Reducing or exiting sex work
  • Accessing stable housing
  • Reducing substance use
  • Accessing education, training or alternative employment

Our support and options worker can help you identify your needs and goals and support you to achieve them. This will be done through practical and emotional support on a one to one basis.

If you wish to be referred for our New Futures programme, contact our support and options worker Helina 0113 243 0036 or call her mobile (07506 490 534).

Alternatively, find out more in our drop in session on a Monday afternoon or by talking to us on street outreach