Information for Professionals

Basis Sex Work Project is a sex support project for women (including transgender women) working in the sex industry who live or work in Leeds

We provide non-judgemental, free and confidential support for sex workers in all sectors of the sex industry including:

  • Independent and agency escorts, parlour/sauna workers, and women working from flats/apartments/hotels
  • Street sex workers

We provide safety, information and support on:

  • Sexual health, safer working practices and condoms
  • Personal safety and Ugly Mugs
  • General health, harm reduction and wellbeing
  • Advice and support (welfare, benefits & housing)
  • Positive Change (moving on)
  • Specialist services for migrant sex workers
  • Sex worker rights


Please feel free to tell anyone that you think might benefit from our services about what we do and how they can access our services. If you wish to refer someone specifically, this can only be done with their explicit consent. We now have a Sex Work Referral Form, so please fill it out or contact us if you need any assistance.

Ugly Mugs

If you are aware of a sex worker that would like to report a crime to the Ugly Mugs scheme (anonymously or otherwise) please get in touch so we can arrange this.

Outreach or drop in services

  • We visit women at their place of work, home or at a location where they are comfortable and which is convenient
  • We can offer prison visits and have a monthly session on Tuesday afternoons at Together Women’s Centre in Newhall Prison
  • We have drop in on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon between 1.00pm and 4.00pm at our office on 94 North Street, Leeds, LS2 7PN

No Longer Invisible

In November 2014, we published No Longer Invisible – a booklet with stories from sex working women involved in recovery from drugs, alcohol and mental health issues.

As well as being a self-discovery process to aid women’s own recovery, we hoped the booklet could help the recovery of others, by reading it and seeing that recovery is possible. We hope they will be inspired by our stories. We also wanted to inspire future participatory creative/arts based projects with active involvement and leadership from service users.

The booklet is a great tool, not just for service users but for practitioners. We feel that practitioners often enter a client’s life at one point, supporting them through one issue, and getting only a limited snapshot of their life. This booklet allows practitioners to gain a better understanding and perspective of the varied lives and complex issues some women face.

We want to be able to keep this tool going for as long as possible. This is why we are charging a small fee, so we can put funds in to produce more copies of the ‘No Longer Invisible’ booklet. If you would like a copy, it is available by contacting us on 0113 2430036.


Our training arm Basis Training offers an Open Course on Working with sex workers. For more information, or to book onto any of our sex work related training courses click here.

All income generated by the training is used to support our charitable work.