Student Sex Workers

Please note the below may not reflect our pre-COVID situation. We are still supporting student sexworkers but may not be able to do home visits. Please see  our COVID info page for up to date info as well as below info. 

Basis offers support to sexworkers and/or women who are sexually exploited. We know that in Leeds this can also include students. Whether you work on street or indoor, we can offer a range of support as described on this website, whether you wish to stay in sex work and wish to ensure you are doing so safely and have access to support or wish to leave sex work and wish to have support for this, Basis can support you.

If you would like to speak to someone please reach out on “livechat” (we are online for chat in the afternoon) or call the office on 0113 -243 0036 or DM us on @basissexwork or get in touch via Facebook (office hours only but you can leave a message). You or someone you know can also (self-)refer yourself into our service by emailing  our new referral form to

You can also find more a Safety Guidance for Student Sex work: prepared by  a team of over 40 researchers, students, sex workers, and external partners and stakeholders concerned with the sex industry have come together to develop a toolkit that gives appropriate advice on how to support student sex workers and provide students who are involved in the sex industry with information regarding their work. The toolkits detail: the global and national legality of sex work and how these laws impact sex workers, advice and safety information, tips on how to work in the current pandemic and relevant local and national support services for sex workers in the UK.  We are grateful to everyone who helped develop this toolkit. Further information  can also be found on this video prepared for and from sexworkers on student sexwork.

if you work in any of the 3 Leeds Universities and would like us to come and speak to you about our organisation and what support we offer or would like to support in sharing the above toolkit please get in touch via the office on 0113 -243 0036 or email: