Supporting Basis

In addition to donating funds via JustGiving , directly via Direct Debit or through inkind donations (food, clothes etc.),  there are many other ways you can help us such as:

  • Volunteering
  • Events
  • Corporate Giving
  • Legacy Giving

We equally appreciate supporters sharing our messages on social media  and/or challenging stigma and judgment against the women and young people we work with – either on Twitter or Facebook.

Gorporate Giving
Leaving a legacy

Many of our volunteers stay with us for a large number of years and find it very rewarding   Currently, our wonderful volunteers  mainly help us with our outreach services (including with netreach), drop-in, data processing (M&E and otherwise), administrative tasks or awareness raising but we’d also be interested in some volunteers for our young people’s work (particularly group work).

Why not watch this short video about volunteering at Basis?

Volunteering opportunities at Basis include:

Back Office support: Admin tasks, answering the phone, updating spreadsheets, packing condoms, fundraising and so on (Mon- Thu usual office hours)

Drop in support (Mon–  Tue – Wed afternoon) for Basis Sexwork

Outreach support (Mon – Wed and Fri evenings/night) for Basis Sexwork

Young People: Supporting ex-service user group (Lionesses) evening fortnightly

If you are interested in volunteering please complete and return our Volunteer Application Form. Please be aware that we are a small organisation and it may be some time before we get back to you.


Regardless of the task, we offer each volunteer a short induction process, including a familiarization with the values of the organisation and we undertake a DBS check on each volunteer.

 Each volunteer should sign up to the (free) safeguarding training offered by Leeds City Council.

Quotes from some of our volunteers:

“I have been volunteering at Basis for over two years now. It’s nice to be able to help women out be that by being a friendly ear or just by making a hot chocolate on a cold December night. I’ve met a lot of lovely women doing outreach, I feel like I am making a difference and I enjoy being part of Basis and working alongside women who are working for a greater good – through education and awareness raising and helping women when they need it. I feel valued working in such a lovely team and all the staff and volunteers are great to get along with. Doing outreach makes me appreciate my own situation and the opportunities I have to try and help others. During my time at Basis, I have also done some fundraising by taking part in Leeds triathlon (both in a team and on my own) to raise funds for this brilliant cause!”

“One of the things I love about volunteering is that no matter what women are going through on the street, they can come on to the van and be treated with compassion and respect. One night when I was on outreach, a woman came on the van feeling really fed up and upset, by the time she left the van she was laughing and smiling; this makes volunteering really worthwhile.”

If you are thinking of running a marathon, climbing a mountain, a dryathon or holding a bake sale at the office – why not support Basis Yorkshire at the same time?

We can help you set up your Justgiving page – just get in touch!

We’re also happy to help with any information or leaflets and if you let us know we”lll share your progress through social media!

As a staff team, we usually do a few events of our own, last year we participated in the following:

The 3 Yorkshire Peaks

Triathlon in York

Semer Water

Walk up the Holmfirth

Why not join us? Get in touch! or sign up to our newsletter to hear more!



Corporate giving

As a small, locally based charity, we have an excellent reputation in delivery high quality, innovative interventions, addressing extremely challenging, sensitive issues and advocating for the needs of our services users, locally and nationally.

If you are interested in becoming involved either as your charity of the year, or simply by wanting to make a one – off monetary or in-kind donation, offer opportunities for staff, take part in one of our fundraising events, we’d be happy to talk to you about how your support would help us and talk through ideas of what this could look like.  We’re always happy to come and talk about our work

Why not get in touch?

By leaving a legacy to Basis Yorkshire you will leave a lasting benefit to some of the most marginalised girls and young people in Yorkshire.

As with other donations, a gift of any size will help us continue our work. More information about legacies.

To arrange a donation to Basis Yorkshire as part of your will please speak to your solicitor.

If you would like to find out more about the work we do before making your decision please call us on 0113 243 0036 to have a chat or arrange a visit.