Devin (she/her)

Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Specialist (16+) since 2015

My role

As a Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Specialist (Children and Young People) I work 1:1 with all young people who are being sexually exploited or at significant risk thereof - building their trust, establishing a relationship, raising their awareness of the risks they are facing and how to reduce these through talking to them about CSE and related issues such as online safety, health relationships, sexual health etc. I also deliver training to other professionals in Leeds and elsewhere to other professionals and deliver awareness sessions in schools about CSE, online safety and consent.

My background

After finishing my bachelor’s degree in New York, I returned to Leeds for my youth work JNC qualification and Masters in Youth Studies. During my time in Leeds I've worked for LCC Youth Services, as well as at Getaway Girls, a girls-centred charity

I'm from Upstate New York, USA, and have been living in Leeds since 2012.  My youth work career and passion has always been rooted in supporting young people, and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to carry on this work as part of the Basis Young Persons Team.