Emily Turner

Outreach & Support Worker since February 2013

What I do

I primarily work with indoor based sex workers (independent escorts, sauna workers, and agency girls) supporting around 400 working women in total. I co-ordinate the sexual health options for sex workers via fast-track appointments and outreach. I offer full testing, contraception & treatment options in your home or place of work in partnership with Leeds Sexual Health. I co-ordinate the Ugly Mugs scheme in Leeds and work with online sex workers around safety, liaising with the Police to minimise offenses or general harm against sex workers. I also deliver some sex work training.

What I did before

I have worked at Leeds Women’s Aid as a Youth Worker and the Youth Offending Service, specialising in female offending and sex offending.

A little bit about me

I am an keen advocate for sex worker rights and believe in the full decriminalisation of sex work and strive towards ending stigma against sex workers. In my spare time I love going for long walks, foraging, knitting, crafting and making fruit liquors!