Helina Majid

Support & Options Worker on the New Futures Project since May 2014

What I do

I work with women that wish to make positive change in their lives, offering intensive support around areas such as substance abuse, access to education, training or going into volunteering or employment or if they wish to leave sexwork.

What I did before

After graduating in Law & Criminology (BA Hons), I worked for the Legal Services Commission, the Children & Family Court Support Service and the Ministry of Justice. I also worked for Refugee Action, as a caseworker for asylum seekers and migrants.

A little bit about me

My biggest passion is travel and I try to explore a new country every year. I also spend a lot of my free time trying to keep fit, I go to the gym, run, do hot hatha yoga and Thai boxing classes. I love socialising and have a dangerous addiction to shoes!