Joan Coulton (she/her)

Interim Service Manager

My role

As the interim service manager I support and work alongside the adult team and partner agencies to ensure the smooth running of the service on a day to day basis as well as supporting women in crisis. I also deliver training on working with women sexworkers on behalf of Basis (now online) nationally.

My background

I have been a support worker for several years and actually spent 5 years as the Outreach Worker for Basis, when we were Genesis, between 2009 and 2014. I then wanted to learn about housing support as so many of the women I saw on outreach were having issues with accessing safe and appropriate housing and weren’t always aware of their housing rights. I worked for Shelter for 12 months in HMP New Hall and with Leeds Housing Concern for 18 months. I then returned to Basis as the Housing First Worker where I helped to set up the project before moving to my role as Managed Approach Engagement and Support Coordinator. The opportunity then arose to move into the Senior Worker role and now as Interim Service Delivery Manager

A little bit personal about me

In my spare time I enjoy making pretty things with wool! I love going to the theatre and have even been known to indulge in a bit of opera. I like walking (especially if there is a café at the end, middle and even beginning of the route) and I spend as much time with family and friends as I can manage. I discovered mindfulness a few years ago and always find time for my daily meditation-it’s the thing that keeps me sane when life gets hectic!