Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Practitioner (Children and Young People) Since 2021

My role

Is a Sexual Abuse and Exploitation specialist (Children and Young People), I provide 1:1 trauma aware emotional and practical support to those who are at risk of experiencing, are currently experiencing or who have previously experienced sexual abuse and/or exploitation. Developing a trusting relationship with the young person is central to my role in order to allow the young person to feel safe. By offering support which aims to be therapeutic in nature, I aim to help empower and support children and young people to move forward in their lives following experiences of trauma and abuse. Supporting young people within a multiagency framework I act to advocate, aid in creating safety and help to reduce their risk to further trauma and abuse.

My background

I am currently completing my degree in psychology at the University of Leeds. I am particularly interested in developmental psychology, focusing on adolescent mental health and brain maturation during puberty and young adulthood. My current research project is on the therapeutic uses of music, focusing on the use of music to ease depression and anxiety in young people and adults. The insight gained from this has influenced my practice where I frequently use music and other creative outlets in the support I offer. Prior to being in this role, I undertook a year in industry here at Basis Yorkshire. My yearlong placement at Basis makes me determined to use my vocational outlook to make real and lasting differences, improving the lives of vulnerable young people. I am very chuffed to be back part of the team.

A little bit personal about me

I am an avid charity shopper, I love finding vintage clothes and bits and bobs you never knew you needed! In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading and listening to music (particularly female jazz and soul). I’m a keen cyclist and spend my weekends exploring Leeds and the Dales on my bicycle with friends. Oh and I nearly forgot I am cat mad, feline friends are the best friends <3 !