Sexual Abuse & Exploitation Specialist (YP)

My role

I work with young people and children who are at risk of and/or experiencing sexual exploitation. My role is to provide a safe space for clients to be themselves! Young people who are experiencing CSE usually have multiple professionals involved in their lives and I hope to be a professional who can give emotional and practical support with regards to healthy relationships, consent, risk, sexual health and personal safety. This can be at home, on walks, in a cafe or just virtually over WhatsApp or the phone. Whatever that young person needs.

I passionately believe that young people and children need support that mirrors their needs and preferences, and not just the concerns that are held by professionals or adults in their lives. They need space to talk about their hobbies, what makes them happy, their passions and their joy as much as their risks, worries and problems. This helps with building a healthy working relationship and then can lead to better communication.

My background

I am a mum to 2 dogs (Sofia and Oban) and a grumpy cat (Amber). I am also a wife and love living in Yorkshire, but have previously lived in London for a time. I enjoy going to see live music and really appreciate good thai food.