Kerry Jones

“At a recent conference I attended they showed us the ‘Sick Party’ DVD. At the start of it we were given the option to leave the room if we became uncomfortable with what we were watching, I thought ‘Oh it cant be that bad’, but as I watched the storyline unfold, I became increasingly uncomfortable with what I was seeing. There were a couple of young people that we are currently working with going through my head…I was thinking ‘this is most likely what is happening to them’!. I felt like leaving the room before the end of the DVD, so that I could go to try and help them. This is a ‘MUST HAVE’ DVD for any young people you work with that may be at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation. I believe that by showing the young people and if appropriate their parents this DVD, a huge difference could be made to their lives.”
Kerry Jones, Wrexham County Borough Council