Training & Resources

For many years we have informally delivered training to professionals and shared our expertise in order to raise awareness with young people

Developing this area of our work, we officially launched Basis Training & Education (CIC) in 2012 as a specialist training organisation.

The income generated in reinvested into our frontline charitable work supporting young people at risk of CSE and women working in the sex industry in Leeds.

Using our and other frontline staff as trainers, our heritage and grassroots work provides a unique foundation for providing effective and relevant training within current social issues.

We now provide training on a wide range of issues such as:

  • Child Sexual Exploitation (CPD Certified Level 2 and 3)
  • Developing a sex worker friendly service
  • Understanding sexual violence and exploring responses

In schools

We deliver CSE and online safety sessions for staff and young girls across Leeds, working closely with the BLAST Project who provide similar services for boys

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Basis Yorkshire and Basis Training have developed the following resources:

Sick Party

A frank and hard-hitting drama depicting the current picture of child sexual exploitation across the UK. Based on a real-life story, it explores the experiences of child sexual exploitation (CSE) including  peer on peer grooming, party lifestyle grooming, drinks and drugs, consent, coercion, gifts, self-esteem and child sexual exploitation.

Is it Normal

A unique tool to initiate conversations with young people with pornography, sex and relationships in safe and supportive environment – based on verbatim conversations with young people

No longer Invisible:

A collection of life stories about sex working women going through their recovery process, as told to the Basis Sex Work project, helping practitioners to gain a better understanding and perspective of the varied lives and complex issues some women face.

We want to be able to keep this tool going for as long as possible. This is why we are charge a small fee, so we can put funds in to produce more copies of the ‘No Longer Invisible’ booklet, and perhaps a ‘Part 2’. If you would like a copy, please get in touch.