Case studies

Take a read through our inspiring case studies to learn more about how Basis has worked with a diverse cross section of organisations to implement change and raise awareness of key social issues.

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Basis Yorkshire and Basis Training have developed the following resources

No Limits

“We are currently working with a victim of Child Sexual Exploitation who came to us at 16, homeless after being thrown out of home and vulnerable. We secured her housing straight away but initially we were unable to keep her away from anonymous abusers who were grooming her and drawing her in to a life of sexual exploitation.”


Aces Cluster

“In the latest Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) Armley in Leeds was ranked overall in the bottom 10% of deprived areas in England with very poor living environments and high crime rates..”


Direct Care

“Direct Care’s Commitment to Continuous Development: Direct Care aims to raise the bar on standards of childcare and all its employees are carefully chosen for their passion and enthusiasm as well as their extensive skills and experience. As a small company they are a naturally close knit team with everyone having a voice from staff to the young people themselves.”


Aireborough Extended Services

Integrated Services Leader, Simon Toyne says, “We have recorded a growing number of children and young people presenting with issues of low self-esteem and self-harming behaviours through our cluster Guidance and Support meetings. High Schools also report increasingly sexualised content of exchanges via social networking amongst pupils and abusive and controlling behaviours within some relationships.”