CSE Campaign 2018 #itsnotyourfault

Despite increased recognition of the issue, children and young people are still being sexually exploited in Leeds, N. Yorkshire and elsewhere around the country. Young people should never have to experience such exploitation and they should never be made to feel its their fault. We need to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation as we know myths about sexual exploitation and abuse are persistent and will affect the opportunity for  young people and historic victims to achieve justice.


In the weeks leading up to 18th of March we will therefore be supporting National Day to end Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) This year we’re excited to announce that Basis Young People (Leeds) and Time 2 (N. Yorkshire) as well as our partners across Leeds and N.Yorkshire will be raising awareness of child sexual exploitation, who it affects, how it impacts and what we can all be doing to enable victims to achieve justice.

We’ll be updating this page as we progress in our events planning – please keep an eye out (and check our Twitter @basis_yp and @TheTime2Project).

We also want to use the campaign to raise awareness of CSE and  much needed funds for our work.  Due to insufficient funding, we have a waiting list both in N .Yorkshire and Leeds and when young people are medium to high risk or experiencing exploitation , this is unacceptable.

How else can you support our #itsnotyourfault campaign?

  • Support the national media campaign by sharing your message of support
  • Donate online here or on with your mobile; text BYYP18 £5 to 7007 to support, or tweet a picture of a “helping hand” – for instance by sharing individual hands of raise awareness in school  by making a “tree of hands”
  • Join the Walk It or Support It event in N. Yorkshire project with our Time2 Project
  • Host a bakesale, a sponsored manicure or other fundraising initiative in your school/office for us

The Basis Young People  section and The Time2  website has more information about what to do If you are worried about a young person or for yourself, please see our website (Leeds and York) to see how we can help.

Other relevant websites:

  • http://www.stop-cse.org/national-child-exploitation-awareness-day/
  • https://www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/