The Time2 Project


The Time 2…project is a targeted support project for young people (boys and girls) at risk of and experiencing CSE in North Yorkshire and the City of York, to reduce their risk of CSE, improve their safety, health and life chances. The Time2 Project team is funded by Big Lottery and Henry Smith for a period of 3 years (2016 – 19) on behalf of the CSE Funders Alliance. Time 2 started off as a partnership between Basis Yorkshire and MESMAC, the latter being the main contract holder while the team is employed, managed and supervised by Basis Yorkshire. The contract has now fully transferred to Basis Yorkshire. Since the start of June, the Time2 project also offers a limited service for boys and young men in Leeds and Bradford.

The project offers the following services:

Direct one to one intensive case work support work to young people Targeted group work with young people identified as at risk e.g. young people in residential care homes where CSE risk has been identified

Sharing intelligence with police and other partners to aid in identification, prevention and prosecution.

Support and advice on development of CSE training for professionals and delivering training to priority professional groups (as part of wider local CSE training programs for each LSCP).

An advisory and mentoring role to key professionals to build capacity to respond and support young people at risk of CSE Involvement in multi agency partnerships and strategic work on CSE in York and NYorkshire , Leeds and Bradford.

Compounding the problems faced by children and young people at risk of CSE in North Yorkshire and York are the widely dispersed communities and limited infrastructure, creating barriers for young people in accessing specialist services. This model offers a flexible outreach model delivered in real world and virtual communities, making best use of digital technologies to reach to and enable access to support for young people.

The key outcomes for young people beneficiaries accessing support will be:

• Increased safety, health and life chances.

• Improved mental health.

• Increased coping skills and resilience.

• Reduced social isolation.

For more information: The Time2 Project