What do we actually do?

  • Offering one to one confidential support – we won’t tell others what you have told us – unless we are concerned for your safety or the safety of others – but we’d always talk to you about this
  • Meeting in a place you choose, where you feel most comfortable, either at home, at school or in a café or community centre – usually once a week but this can be flexible
  • Coming with you to any sexual health appointments
  • Making sure your voice is heard in meeting and by other professionals
  • Talking about issues that are affecting you in a safe place
  • Showing you lots of different resources we use to raise awareness about grooming and ways people can get used in a sexual way (Sexual Exploitation)
  • Building up your confidence, so that you can make positive choices about your life
  • Finding other agencies that can help with other issues you might have
  • Working with you as long as you need the support
  • Once you are no longer at risk, we invite you to join our Lionesses group – a group of girls that no longer need our one to one support but still meet regularly with us to help us our and other services in Leeds and also to have fun doing lots of interesting stuff with girls that have been through similar experiences.

We can help you build confidence and make positive choices about your life.

We can help you build confidence and make positive choices about your life.

Who needs to know we are meeting?

We can discuss this with you when we meet.

If a professional has made the referral they will know, and if we saw you in school they would know.