Young People’s Words – Anxiety in Lockdown

Dealing with anxiety in lockdown – Written by a Lioness

We are all in lockdown at the moment and it is such an uncertain time, especially for those with underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression. For those who have experienced CSE this lockdown could bring back feelings of being in a situation where you are trapped. For the first few weeks of this lockdown I felt very depressed and in a state of mind that this would never end, it will.

Over the past week or so I have seen a turn around in my mental health and I thought I would share some of the tips which I have been aiming to do to work on my mental health…

  • Drink plenty of water, try and aim for 2 litres. 
  • If you are able, do some exercise. As of the time writing this article we are still allowed to go out for one walk a day. I have been completing home workout videos found on YouTube. My favourite trainer is Lucy Wyndham-Read, she does lots of videos ranging from 4-30minutes, these are all free on her YouTube channel. 
  • Tidy/clean your bedroom – having a clear space can help you to have a clear mind. 
  • Get dressed – lounging in pyjamas can make you feel really unmotivated. 
  • Have a balance between your college/school/uni work and fun! 
  • Start a new series on Netflix (or other) 
  • FaceTime a friend or loved one, many people will be apart from their significant other. This is the case for me and my partner and as sad as it is just make sure to talk as much as you can and plan for future times, once out of this situation. It is our anniversary coming up so we ordered gifts to one another, I would recommend for anybody who is also having a special date coming up.

In this lockdown there has been a rise in cases of Domestic Violence, this makes me so sad as I know that alongside this, but less reported, the cases of CSE will also go up. More young people will be at home, online, being approached by predators, who will then groom and manipulate the vulnerable young person. If anybody that you do not know is messaging you and making you feel uncomfortable please report them, speak to a parent or carer for advice and remember that it is not your fault and you will not get into trouble.

It is important to know that:

  • You are not alone, if you are being abused within your home, you can get out.
  • No matter what the person says to you to make you think that you can’t.
  • Please, please go and seek help from the police, your family, your friends, or somebody else that you trust.

Try to stay positive and work on your mental health throughout this time.

Lioness – 18 years old.