basis sex work project

Basis Sex Work Project offers information, safety and support for female and transgender women working in the sex industry, living or working in Leeds.

basis young people

Basis Young People’s project offers one to one intensive support to girls and young women involved in or at medium to high risk of child sexual exploitation.

basis hitoric cse

Basis Historic CSE supports women (18 years or older) living in Leeds who have experienced Child Sexual Exploitation as a child or young person.

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End Violence Against SexWorkers

Sadly, sex workers have been murdered since 1990 of which 17 since 2013, including 2 in the past year, including Daria Pionko of Leeds.

umbrellaWe are marking the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on Dec. 17th 2016, in the form of “#17daysofaction”, running from Dec. 1 – 17.

The aim is to raise funds to  support activities to prevent or support women that have experienced violence,and to raise awareness inn the community of violence against sexworkers.

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