Health & Wellbeing Support

We support your general health and wellbeing by helping you with:

  • Referral and support to access or register with free health care services, including:
    • A GP
    • Cervical screening
    • Accident and Emergency services
    • Dentists
    • Pre and post natal maternity services
    • Opticians
    • Blood born viruses (e.g. Hepatitis, HIV)
  • Support with managing long term health conditions, including support with appointments
  • Support with drug and/or alcohol issues:
    • Providing harm reduction information and advice
    • Referral to drug and alcohol treatment services
    • Advocacy at appointments
    • Support to remain engaged in treatment
  • Emotional support and mental health & wellbeing services


If you would like any further information or support surrounding any of the above, please contact Helina on 07506 490534 or email her on