Paddy Trimmer

Paddy Trimmer RD, BSc, MSc - Chair (Trustee since 2016, former Chair)

As a former Chair I contribute to a range of issues including supporting the new Chair in her new role.

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Sarah Martin

Chair (Trustee since 2016 )

As chair (since Jan 2021), I play a role in supporting a dynamic and productive team of board members as we lead our organisation to that it furthers the goals Basis was set up to achieve. As part of the income generation working group, I support the staff team to build relationships & maintain sustainable income streams for the charity.

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Josephine Maguire

March 2015

I'm the Treasurer for Basis Yorkshire and works closely with the Finance Manager, the CEO and other Trustees on the financial oversight of the charity, including reviewing financial performance , planning ahead and assessing and reporting to other Trustees on the financial risks to the charity. I also get involved in setting policies in relation to financial management.

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Rob Milligan

Trustee since 2018

My core role is to support the CEO, Trustees and the Basis team on developing the strategy for the charity and ensure the appropriate governance to support delivery of the strategy.

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Frances Storr

Trustee since 2019

I am a director of Levati and we do leadership development and organisational development. I am an organisational psychologist by trade and much of my work is helping people have the conversations they need to have in order to do the work they need to do.

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Helen Millott

Trustee (since February 2019)

I work at the University of Leeds as a lecturer where I lead the Physician Associate Studies programme. I am interested in how new healthcare roles can be integrated into the current workforce of different sectors and how we can make inclusive health the norm within our curricula.

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Jason Kew


I am a serving Chief Inspector with Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit, as lead for Drugs and Harm Reduction.

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