Big Give Violence Against Women & Girls (Oct 11- 18)

Hearing about violence committed against the women and young people we work with is an every day occurrence at Basis. Such violence is in often repeated, ongoing, extreme levels of violence, often by people women and girls thought they could trust.  For others its violence that is perpetrated on victims of which the perpetrators somehow thought they deserved it or they’d get away with as who would believe a young shy girl, a kid who is already in trouble at school or a sex worker: she sells sex, who would believe she could or would be raped? Our stats tell us that on average each quarter we see over 300 safeguarding incidents – a daily occurrence. Sadly this is the tip of the iceberg, there are so  many more incidents we are not aware of.

During the Big Give week we will be sharing with you, their thoughts on their experiences, their advice to others and their feedback on what we do, such as this one we received only last week:

“Thank you for your care, love and most importantly for saving my life and helping me reach this safe place. I will always be grateful”

The Big Give means that this week (Oct 11 – 18) and this week only your donations will be doubled: there is no better time! If you aren’t able to donate please share widely so you can help us reach more people with awareness of our work and potential to donate. Donations will only be doubled if made  on the below link:

Big Give Basis Yorkshire VAWG 23

Its not an exaggeration to say that this type of violence has a life-long impact – the phrase “moving on” minimizes the effort and time it takes to overcome such violence and for many it remains part of their lives. Despite this, our work at Basis is vital to ensure this impact is mitigated as much as possible to increase their chances of re-building relationships with friends and family, by improving their health and regaining confidence. We do this by ensuring perpetrators are no longer able to commit their crimes, by supporting women to seek justice, to be in a safe place and access relevant, trauma-informed health service that truly understands the importance of building supportive relationships.

Your funds will be used to offer:

  • more practical and specialist support to women and girls who have experienced violence
  • school sessions with girls to understand healthy relationships
  • recognise abuse and to offer training to professionals to improve their practice.

Find out more HERE about the Big Give campaign 

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