5 Ways You Can Support Basis

Here at Basis we rely on generous supporters who are willing to dedicate their time, money or resources to help us out. Your donations help us provide the best service possible top the women and young people we support and we’re are so grateful for anyone who decides to support us in anyway. If you’d like to support the work we do, here are 5 ways you can get involved supporting Basis:

1. Donate to our Just Giving Page

Big or small, donating to our just giving page will really help us continue to provide support to women and young people across Leeds.

Winter can be a tough time, so donations will help us provide items such as: bus passes to get to appointments, clothing and toiletries, wellbeing packs, food parcels, small top ups of utility bills and small phones.  It doesn’t matter if you can only spare a little, any donations will help us make sure we can get these items to women across Leeds and help support their safety and wellbeing in the winter months.

And for the Young People we support these donations go towards helping us fund activities, we’ve found that the most helpful way to get young people we support to engage is by facilitating their participation in activities such as pottery making or Go Ape. These activities do wonders for their well being and your donations help make it possible for us to keep providing these opportunities to Young people.

Click on the buttons below to go to our Just Giving pages!

2. Buy Something from our Amazon Wishlist

Our Amazon Wishlist is regularly topped up with items for our service users. Sometimes that might be craft materials for our drop-in service, or underwear or leggings we can offer to women to help with their comfort and hygiene. Buying something from our Amazon Wishlist will help support our service user’s wellbeing.

Click on the button below to go to our Amazon Wishlist.

Check out our Amazon Wishlist

We also have a Christmas Amazon Wishlist to ensure that the people who we support don’t miss out on the festivities, as we know this can be the case for those who are estranged from family and friends, experience poor mental or physical health and/or simply lack the resources.

Click the button below to see our special Christmas Wishlist

Our Christmas Wishlist

3. Do Some Fundraising

If you fancy setting yourself a personal challenge why not try some fundraising for us. There’s a whole host of things you could do to fundraise, like putting on an event, challenging yourself to a sporting endeavor or asking for donations for a special occasion. Get as creative as you want, and make sure to let us know what you’re planning so that we can support you. Fundraising doesn’t always have to be raising money, sometimes we run specific campaigns asking for things such as clothes in certain sizes or snacks and non-perishables. Keep your eyes peeled for any of our donation campaigns on our social media if you fancy helping us out in-kind and raising donations.

4. Go shopping

Turn your online shopping habit into a charitable endeavor by using one of our ‘donate while you shop’ options. You can donate to us this way using Amazon Smile or Give as You Live.

5. Send a Text

As simple as that. You can donate by texting ‘BASIS’ and the amount you want donate to 70085. But please remember that you may be charged for the text depending on your contract.


If you aren’t ready or able to donate just now please bear us in mind for the future, whether you’re hosting a birthday fundraiser on Facebook, or thinking of doing some fundraisings or you’re just having a clear out at home, we’re always grateful for donations big or small whenever you can spare them.

If you choose to get involved supporting us, or if your already support us, then a huge thank you from all of us at Basis! Your donation will go a long way and each one is greatly appreciated.


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