Statement re. guilty verdict of Daria Pionko Trial

While we feel the right verdict was reached, our thoughts are foremost with the family and friends of Daria and sadly, as one of the women said to us on hearing the verdict: “it still won’t bring her back“.

We’d like to praise the bravery of the women that came forward as witnesses.  For some this has brought back memories and trauma of similar violent experiences they might have faced.  We’d also like to commend the police and other support services including our own colleagues assisting the women who had provided evidence for their dedication and commitment to the case, from the very start up to today.

It’s a testament to those people who have advocated for the rights and safety of women sex working that the police and the criminal justice system has taken this very seriously. Its a sign of their increased trust in the police and justice system based in part to the managed approach in Leeds that so many felt confident to come forward and give evidence.


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