Support Around Sexual Violence

What support we offer

If you have been raped, sexually assaulted or experienced any form of sexual violence, we can support you. Basis offer specialist support in this area for sex workers through our ISVA service. She can help you understand your rights and options, provide emotional and practical support, with helping you to access appropriate services, and can link in with the police if you choose to report. You can receive support whether you wish to report or not.

We can advocate for you and will support you to access services you need related to any violence or abuse you have suffered. We recognise that the women who access our service are a diverse group with different experiences, and who will experience and deal with violence in different ways. We are committed to supporting people on the basis of their individual needs and wishes. This means support varies on an individual basis, but may include practical advice (i.e. on housing, benefits or sexual health), access to counselling, or support through the criminal justice process and ongoing safety issues.

Reporting to the police

If you are considering reporting an attack to the police, there are things you can do to help preserve the evidence. Try not to bathe, shower, brush your teeth or change your clothes. If you do want to change your clothes, do not wash the ones that you were wearing at the time of the attack. If the attack happened in your home, try not to move or change anything, as there might be vital evidence there. We can liaise with the police on your behalf if you wish us to help you with your report and we also provide lots of emotional support to help you through it.

We can support you through any crimes that are committed against you including support with reporting to the police or support through the court process. We can liaise with the police on your behalf if you wish us to help you report to the police and we also provide lots of emotional support to help you through it.

Basis work closely with the specialist police sex work liaison officer for Leeds. She is there purely for your welfare and so you can confidentially discuss any problems that you might have. She can deal with any reports of crime or harassment that you have experienced. Some issues you may want to discuss with her nclude stalking, harassment, unwanted communications, threats to out sex workers, domestic abuse, physical assaults, sexual offences, robbery, frauds and theft.

Ugly Mugs

Basis Sex Work Project supports women in reporting violence, attacks, and incidents through our local Ugly Mugs scheme which is part of the national Ugly Mugs scheme. This scheme allows women to report anonymously if preferred. An ‘ugly mug’ is anyone whose behaviour you feel is unacceptable. It may be a client, a member of the public or another sex worker. You should report anything that causes you concern, for example violence, threatening behaviour, abuse, disclosure of other incidents or intentions.

You can sign up to Ugly mugs online and we publish them monthly in our newsletter which we can give to you during drop-in, outreach or at home visits.

For more information on reporting to the police or to Ugly Mugs please visit the Laws & Rights and Safety & Ugly Mugs section of our site. For anymore information or support please contact Helina on 07506490534 or email her on

Help by other services (out of hours)

SARSVL is the dedicated Rape Crisis Centre for all women and girls in Leeds affected by rape and sexual violence, offering advocacy, counselling and a helpline.

During COVID, the SARSVL Phone, Text and Email Helpline is currently open Monday 12-2pm, Tuesday 8-10pm, Wednesday 6-8pm and Sunday 6.30-8.30pm.
Phone: 0808 802 3344 Text: 07860022880

Please see the SARSVL website for further info.