Support Around Sexual & Domestic Violence

If you are experiencing domestic violence/abuse or have in the past, if you have been raped, sexually assaulted or experienced any form of sexual violence, we can support you. Basis offer specialist support in this area for sex workers. Our worker can help you understand your rights and options, provide emotional and practical support, with helping you to access appropriate services, and can link in with the police if you choose to report. You can receive support whether you wish to report or not.

Our worker is an advocate for you and will support you to access services you need related to any violence or abuse you have suffered. We recognise that the women who access our service are a diverse group with different experiences, and who will experience and deal with violence in different ways. We are committed to supporting people on the basis of their individual needs and wishes. This means support varies on an individual basis, but may include practical advice (i.e. on housing, benefits or sexual health), access to counselling, or support through the criminal justice process and ongoing safety issues.