Basis Yorkshire Appoints New CEO

Basis Yorkshire are delighted to announce that Moya Woolven will succeed Gemma Scire as CEO of Basis when she steps down in early September after five years in the role.  Moya has been the charity’s Operations Manager since 2016, where she has been at the heart of its impact and consolidation, including mobilising the new Leeds City Council contract, and working with partners to improve responses locally and regionally to sexual exploitation and sex work.  Moya’s extensive experience within the third sector, and women and girls charities specifically, will enable the organisation to continue its high profile work to; end stigma, create safety and promote empowerment.  Paddy Trimmer, Chair of Basis’ Board of Trustees:

‘The Board of Trustees is looking forward to working with Moya to continue the successes and progress made under Gemma and her predecessors.  She is uniquely qualified to build upon and lead the next chapter in the development of policies and practice that further Basis’ rights-based approach for sex workers and young people and adults experiencing exploitation.’

Paddy Trimmer, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Reflecting on the significant part Basis has played in the development of policy and practice in the field of sex work and sexual exploitation and the role of the CEO going forward:

‘I’m proud and honoured to take on the role of CEO for Basis Yorkshire and we all wish Gemma success and happiness on her new ventures as she leaves the team.  The opportunity to lead such a well recognised and respected organisation that has demonstrated unwavering leadership in the sector, and with a hugely dedicated staff team, is one I am excited to take on.  Building on a legacy of advocacy and change that centres marginalised women and young people I will be working with partners old and new to collaborate on systems change to better serve those we work with and for.’

Moya Woolven, Chief Executive Officer

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