A day in the life of a Support and Options worker

” Today one of the women we have supported for over 5 years left Leeds for a new journey. It was really emotional saying goodbye to her after all this time but I’m confident she will do really well and thrive at her Rehab placement. The last few weeks had been difficult for her and I was worried she would not get off safe and sound. Its been a whirlwind of getting her script sorted, getting her belongings together, sorting her tenancy and even finding a large suitcase with 20 hours to go! (Thanks to the kind lady at St Gemma’s Hospice charity shop who tirelessly rang round all of Leeds shops for me, what a diamond!)

Got to the bus station first thing this morning, only for the bus driver to refuse her 2 large suitcases. My lady was in floods at tears at this point. Could anything else go wrong? However, we talked to the man with the clipboard about the situation and he agreed to let her take her worldly possessions. (Faith in humanity restored, and the world a better place.)

Today at genesis we know we did all we could and the outcome was good. I wish my lady every success for her New Future, and I have every faith in her.”

Emily – Support and Options Worker, Genesis