New Futures Case Study 7th July 2015

This client has been on the New Futures caseload for 16 months. During this time, she has made various positive changes in her life including completing the full course of treatment for Hepatitis C, maintained her methadone prescription, having Social Services removed from involvement around contact with her daughter, maintained a stable council tenancy and has also stopped sex working. Although the journey has not always been smooth and there have been ups and downs including the odd relapse, this is normal in the cycle of change, and I have always acknowledged this with the client. Today I am working on this lady’s CV and together we will visit the Voluntary Action centre in Leeds to explore volunteering options for her. She is keen to work either in a charity shop or with the elderly in a day centre. I have every faith in her that she will be successful in a volunteering position and will continue to support her through this process.