RFP for Consultant to achieve system change in housing provision



Context and Background:

Late last year Basis Sex Work was awarded funding to undertake work to improve the housing  pathways, offer and support for women sexworkers in Leeds using a system change approach. While the past year saw an increased focus in this area, experiences of staff and women still left room for improvement. As we know from our Housing First experience, housing can be a key catalyst for change, if supported and implemented well. Early this year, prior to Corona but particularly since Corona, housing provision and pathways have changed dramatically in a positive sense including greater gender specific housing emergency provision and  greater flexibility with referrals although long term housing capacity remains highly restricted. It is unclear which of these changes will remain in place and for what period of time and whether further improvements might still be necessary even if current changes remain as these have not been formally evaluated.


We would therefore like to appoint a consultant to support us with the following outcome:

  • A change in housing at strategic level that results in improved pathways and support in relation to housing for women sexworkers in Leeds

The full RFP can be downloaded here

Proposals to be submitted to Amber.wilson@basisyorkshire.org.uk (07940414141)

For more information please contact Amber.wilson@basisyorkshire.org.uk (07940414141)

Deadline:  30th May 2020 5pm


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