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We are currently experiencing higher than usual levels of interest from the press in our work as a charity supporting women working in the sex industry in Leeds. We kindly request you send us an email: or 0113 – 243 0036 (if urgent please call 07941 41 41). Please bear in mind that due to our workload we may not be able to respond immediately but we will deal with each request for information as best we can.

Basis Yorkshire is fully supportive of the “managed approach” taken by the partnership in Leeds where women can sell sex without enforcement action being taken, subject to certain conditions.

Gemma Sciré, Chief Executive of Basis Yorkshire, said:

“While there has been sex work on these streets for many years, finally there is a safety net for sex workers and local residents alike that will cut crime, increase safety, reduce residents’ complaints and so improve community relations.

There is clear evidence that this will increase the safety of women in the area. Women already feel more able to report crimes to the police, as evidenced by two recent cases made against predatory perpetrators of violence and the significant increase of reporting of violent crimes committed against sex workers.

Clearly for us as long standing organisation it is our goal to provide holistic support to address health, welfare and safety needs and to support women to exit.  We are better able to do this since the introduction of the managed area.”

Thank you for your interest in BasisSexWork. You can also follow us on:

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