#CEAHasntGoneAway 2022 Campaign

CEA Day 2022

On the run up to CSE Awareness Day which takes place on 18th March Basis Young People will be running our #CEAHasntGoneAway campaign on social media posting a series which focuses on Young People’s Voices.

Young People’s Voices

Booklet Cover image: Child Exploitation and Abuse Hasn't Gone Away


During this campaign we will be sharing quotes from young people who have work with our team. These come from the CEA Hasn’t Gone Away Booklet developed for the Basis Young People ‘Improving Responses to Child Exploitation’.

If you’d like to read the full booklet you can download it by clicking here: Basis Young People’s Booklet of Art and Writing – CEA Hasn’t Gone Away



#CEAHasntGoneAway – Follow the Campaign

Follow our campaign’s hashtag on social media and sharing our posts on key messages around Child Exploitation and Abuse. As part of this campaign, we are also re-launching our Basis Young People’s Instagram, which you can follow here. You can also add our Facebook frame to your profile picture to show your support, which you can find here.

This campaign will culminate in National Child Exploitation Awareness Day on Thursday 18th March. To find out more about this Awareness Day and how you can get involved, please visit NWG’s website here and follow their hashtag #CEADay22.


#CEAHasntGoneAway 2021 Campaign

Want to see what we did last year? You can read about our #CEAHasntGoneAway Campaign 2021 and the Improving Responses conference we hosted by visiting our visiting our 2021 campaign page here.



Need support?


Have you been affected by what you’ve read? If you think you might need support from Basis Young People, please visit our ‘Do you feel safe?’ webpage to find out how you can get in touch.