Training Courses

Following many years of informal training, Basis Training & Education was officially launched in 2012 as a specialist training organisation.

Our training teams include qualified trainers, experienced frontline practitioners and education experts. Working together, we create bespoke CPD®-certified courses, with an understanding of your unique organisational experiences.

Our bespoke packages can be designed to meet your organisation’s individual requirements, and are delivered by experts in an interactive and engaging way.

Some of our courses are now available as interactive online trainings led in live time by our expert facilitators.

For more information about what we can offer and the competitively priced costs, click the courses below, or, for more information, please Contact Us

For smaller organisations or those on more of a budget, we also run a number of open courses for practitioners to book onto separately.

Find out about our latest open courses here – Upcoming Courses

For those that work for Leeds City Council, we run a range of free Child Sexual Exploitation courses on a quarterly basis. Charities and other organisations in Leeds that offer children’s services may also be entitled. Please email for further information.


For those with no prior knowledge to develop a general awareness of CSE (not frontline practitioners).

To support workers to develop their knowledge & good practice when working within the field of CSE. Now available online.

To give workers an up to date knowledge on the current picture of grooming and CSE, specifically relating to boys (basic knowledge of CSE assumed). Now available online.

To support experienced workers to develop further skills when working within the field of CSE, through problem sharing & discussion.

Understanding attachment styles and the impact of abuse and trauma on children and young people affected by CSE, and how this impacts their responses. Now available online.

For workers supporting victims of CSE (adult or children & young people) through the criminal justice system, exploring common poor experiences, how to avoid them, and how to minimise what can be a traumatic experience for many young people.

2 day course that focuses on giving practitioners skills to offer children, young people and families safety awareness and life skills, building confidence and resilience by exploring the right to feel safe, and how to use a self-developed network of support.

Covers the basics of abuse, how to recognise situations where abuse might occur, the signs of abuse, the importance of taking action, and good practice guidelines.

Explores the different areas of women involved in sexork, understanding the reasons for involvement, sex worker experiences, support service needs and good practice principles and provisions. Now available online.

For those with prior knowledge of working with female sex workers who want to increase their awareness around the policies, barriers, provisions, law and experiences of sex workers.

To introduce frontline professionals to the complexities of sex work and trafficking for sexual exploitation and/or help those who already work in this field to consolidate their knowledge.